We Finally Saw The Book of Mormon

I cannot believe that I'm already writing about the end of our first of two season passes to go to the theater. We started out with and If/Then followed by The Illusionists, and although not part of the season pass (bought separately) we also saw The Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses. At the time of this post we've already purchased one season pass for the 16/17 season and are planning to by at least one or two more before the seasons begin. 

However I'm getting ahead of myself, we had one play left on our Segerstrom season pass and that was the one we were looking forward to the most, The Book of Mormon. It's a play that we've been planning on seeing for years but never made our way out to Pantages to see it. I can say now that we've finally seen The Book of Mormon it was as good as everyone has said it was if not even better. I can say for certain that I've never laughed more in my life at a theater then I did during this performance.

From the opening number that instantly grabs your attention to the last I was at the edge of my seat with the most ridiculous grin on my face. I kept looking over at Jenn throughout the entire performance and both of our faces were hurting from laughing so hard. What made it even better was the sold out crowd (most I'd assume have seen it more then once) who sung along and were incredibly into the entire thing. 

The one concern we both had going into seeing it was whether or not the musical was going to be mean spirited towards Mormons. Granted neither of us are Mormon but we both don't like putting down people's belief. And although I doubt anyone of the Mormon faith would agree with me, I did think "most" of the musical was in good fun, although a couple of parts might have been a little too on the nose. For Jenn and I though it was an incredible time at the theater with one of the most enjoyable performances we've ever seen.