TV Review: Love Season 1

Neither Jenn or I have ever been big Judd Apatow fans. Even some of his bigger movies like Knocked Up, 40 Year-Old Virgin, and Pineapple Express are movies we only passably enjoyed. And yet after watching the promo's for Love, a Netflix series we both were sucked in and finished the first season a couple of weeks ago. 

When Jenn and I finished the second episode of Love we both looked at each other and much like Judd Apatow movies of the past we decided that we were done. And yet somehow the next day we powered through the third and forth episode and a week later we finished the series. Love has an incredibly slow start. It introduces you to its two main characters who are sort of terrible people. And yet as we stuck with the series their journeys began to take form and got more and more interesting. 

What started like a crass and uninteresting rambling of two people in there late 20's started to develop more into an interesting look at life and love. The biggest problem with Love though is that its tender moments can be overshadowed by off-putting segments of nonsense. You may have a scene where these two have a genuine conversation followed by an over-the-top slapstick comedy segment that feels both out of place and unnecessary.

The show finds its legs in its last handful of episodes, the last couple which I would consider to be great. The two characters who feel more true to life then most television shows evolve throughout the first season and left me wanting more when it ended. Although not a show that will rank high on our ranking of the end of year best of lists, it was a good solid show that if it gets renewed for a second season I know we will be back to check it out.