Movie Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I usually try to write reviews for movies/TV shows pretty quickly after consuming them. I'd rather write down my initial thoughts and not let them be swayed one way or another. However, I didn't do that with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It's been over two weeks since Jenn and I went to Big Newport Cinema in Newport Beach and sat in their giant new recliners in their RPX theater to take in this latest superhero movie. 

If you've paid attention at all to this movie you know that it's critical reception was beyond poor. To give you some reference. Man of Steel (the first movie in this DC Universe) which I consider to be a pretty bad movie received a 55% on RottenTomatoes with 75% of audiences enjoying it. Compare that to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which received a measly 28% from critics and a slightly lower 69% from audiences. 

So to say I'm surprised to write now that I actually enjoyed Batman v Superman is kind of surprising. I assumed based on my lack of love for Man of Steel and that the critics bombed this movie I assumed I would follow suit. There are things I absolutely didn't enjoy in this movie. For one it was too long, and second the story was a mess. But the moment to moment for Batman v Superman was entertaining. I enjoyed seeing the spectacle of both Batman and Superman in the same universe talking, interacting, and yes at some points fighting. 

Visually Zach Snyder has always had his "look" for movies. It's not what I'd prefer. In fact there's a Youtube video that adds some color saturation to Man of Steel and it makes a big difference. I've never understood why Snyder wants Superman to be such a dark stoic character. Batman I get, but Superman is supposed to be the best of of us and his appeal is that he is someone we can strive to be like. The fact that they continue to keep things so dark in this movie removes any fun that could be had, something that I think Marvel is currently nailing with its movies.

In the end I don't think Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a bad movie, I think its a perfectly fine movie that's a bit too long and a bit too dark. I absolutely enjoyed watching the movie but don't think its one I'd go back to. It will be interesting to see how things continue with the DC Universe of movies with how poorly this one was received.