Movie Review: The Intern

Jenn and I just don’t watch movies as much as we used to when we first started dating. Our preference has changed from movies to television and that’s evident if you keep an eye on my blog. However, every now and again a movie will come along that peaks both of our interest and we either go out and see it or keep it on our radar for when it comes out to rent. The Intern is exactly that. It’s a movie that we both wanted to see but didn’t want to fork out $30 to go see. But on our mini-vacation to Seattle we found it to be a perfect time to fork out a couple bucks to rent it.

The Intern stars Robert De Niro who’s retired, recently widowed, and trying to find purpose in his life. Then you have Anne Hathaway a CEO of a clothing company who is trying to balance her work and her family. Robert De Niro’s character is hired in a new senior intern program that was introduced at Anne’s work. The idea is to get people who have a ton of experience to bring their wisdom to a startup. The two begin to work together and like any move of this type learn from each other.

The Intern is not a movie that will knock you away with any surprising twists or profound messages. It’s a movie that is what it is and stays within the guardrails. The biggest complaint I have with The Intern is that it does play it to safe. There are opportunities for the movie to be profound and yet it never capitalizes on them. At times it felt like Hollywood got in the way of The Intern.

But for a Saturday night in Seattle where all we wanted was something light and fluffy The Intern fit the bill. It’s a movie that’s easy to digest and enjoy. Both Hathaway and De Niro brought in great performances that were both believable. The Intern is a movie that I know both Jenn and I really enjoyed but isn’t a movie I’ll be rushing out to go watch again anytime soon.