Who Do We Side With - 2016 Presidential Race

I'm sorry in advance. I've tried to keep the majority of my political views off my blog. So if you're easily offended or don't like hearing others political views you might want to stop reading now. For those that are continuing to read bare with me, this might be a short albeit bumpy ride. 

A week or two back Jenn and I took a brief five, maybe ten minute survey. Instead of choosing a candidate based off what he or she said, it tells you who you side with the most on issues. The website is ISideWith.com and it will ask you a series of questions in various categories from Social, Environmental, Economic, and the like. In fact if you're going to get the most out of this blog post you should probably play along and go take the survey yourself. I'd recommend taking the full survey and not just the two or three questions they show when you start. 

Alright do you have your results? As for Jenn and I we both were a little surprised. We both knew we were liberals but didn't realize how far left we had become. I'll start with me, according to ISideWith.com I agree with Bernie Sanders 96% of the time. That is followed by Jill Stein at 93% (who I had never heard of), Hillary Clinton at 91%, and Michael Bloomberg at 78%. What's even more interesting about this survey is that it classified me as "left wing". I can't disagree although I do still believe in a limited government that doesn't become too unwieldy. However what this survey did confirm was my complete shift on social issues. Five to ten years ago I didn't agree with gay-marriage (I'm absolutely ashamed and embarrassed to admit) but have seen how oppressive my views were. I wrote a paper in English 101 my first year of college of why it shouldn't be legal and to this day I regret it. I've completely shifted my views on abortion into someone who strongly believes in a women's right to choose. Even in the more recent timeframe I've changed my views to become very anti-gun and pro-gun regulation. Do I think it will solve the problem, no, but I do think it can't hurt to put more roadblocks up for people owning guns. Even my views on capital punishment and immigration have shifted over the years. So I guess I can't deny this dramatic shift in my political beliefs. 

For Jenn it was a very similar result. Her survey showed that she sided with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders 92% of the time. That was followed by Jill Stein at 86%, and Michael Bloomberg at 84%. What was fascinating about Jenn's survey is that it showed her as a Left-Wing Authoritarian. The description of which describes her as "stand up and protect those who are oppressed or taken advantage" which is something that I know Jenn feels extremely strongly about. Her survey showed a passion around social injustice which was a top issue followed by Domestic Policy and Environment. 

Looking back on our survey results I only wish we had taken this or something similar for past elections. Neither Jenn or I voted for Obama in either the 2008 or 2012 election. And yet looking back think he did a great job and wish we would have. It would however be fascinating to see how our views have changed and progressed from right to left over the years. I believe part of that is growing up and part of it is just spending more time diving into the issues. It's been a fascinating change to witness and even as I write this I'm not sure if we will continue moving left on the political scale or venture more towards the middle. 

The 2016 election will be interesting. We have more thoughts but I think this is a good place to stop. There's a long road from here to November and as someone who has always loved politics, there hasn't been a more fascinating election in my lifetime. My last thoughts are this bumper sticker which if I could sum up my personal thoughts on this election it would be with this. 

My one change to this bumper sticker would read IDK But Not Trump or Cruz Tho! 2016.

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