Movie Review: The Wedding Ringer

It feels like its been a while since Jenn and I have watched a truly great comedy. The most recent ones we've enjoyed have been The Internship, Bridesmaids, and Couples Retreat. In-between those have been a multitude of bad comedies that just haven't lived up to the hype of their trailers. Sadly that's exactly what happened with The Wedding Ringer which stars Kevin Hart and Josh Gad. 

The trailers for The Wedding Ringer were hilarious. But then again almost any movie that has Kevin Hart in it will have some great moments. The opening 15-20 minutes of The Wedding Ringer had me hopeful. The setup of the movie is pretty funny. Josh Gad's character is getting married but he doesn't have any friends so he has to rent some. The getting-to-know-you stage of the movie is by far its best. There are some good laughs to be had.

Sadly the movie runs out of steam pretty quickly and turns into a rather bad run of the mill comedy. There just isn't any redeeming qualities. Even when the movie tries to pull a bit at the heart strings it comes off as completely disingenuous and honestly a little absurd. Sadly The Wedding Ringer is a pretty bad comedy and one that I wouldn't recommend. Watch the trailers a couple of times its better then the movie.