Movie Review: Big Hero 6

Jenn and I have always been a big fan of animated movies. Still to this day Aladdin and Lion King are some of my favorite movies of all time. And Jenn could watch Finding Nemo every day. With the buzz for Big Hero 6 (and winning the Academy Award for best animated movie), we decided to give it a go.

We rented the movie on Amazon (Redbox was sold out everywhere) and within 30 minutes Jenn fell asleep. That might not be as much a review of the movie as it is an indication for how little we've been sleeping the past couple of weeks (more on that in a different post). Big Hero 6 is about a Hiro a young boy who's a masterful engineer and his brothers creation Baymax an inflatable robot. Baymax is the highlight of the movie. He's a simple character with charm brimming from his fluffy white exterior. Disney sure knows how to develop their characters.

The movie itself felt like a standard fare. There is a dramatic scene towards the beginning that shapes the Hiro and some interesting side characters. But the movie plotline feels far to familiar. Outside of Baymax everything feels generic. You can see what's going to happen after the first quarter of the movie. Its too bad to because the world of San Fransokyo seems ripe for a great story. Big Hero 6 was an enjoyable albeit forgettable affair.