Casa de Szerlip: The Start of a Smart Home

When I was still in High School I used to spend a ton of time reading tech blogs. Each year when these websites would do their predictions it was that home automation was going to be the next big market. However there never seemed to be the adoption that was expected. That was until the iPhone. Now you go to any home improvement store there are tons of options for connected hardware. The biggest product in the home automation category of the last couple of years has been the Nest Thermostat. 

I've had a Nest Thermostat on my wish list for the last couple of years. I never wanted to install one in the apartment so it was something to look forward to when we bought a house. And as luck would have it we bought a house a month ago, so for Christmas Jenn bought me a Nest Thermostat (version 2). 

When we got the keys for our house, one of the first things I tried to do was install the Nest. Unfortunately I didn't turn off all of the power to the house and ended up frying the wiring. The next day I hired an AC Repairman to come out and fix the thermostat. It took the AC guy around an hour to finish the installation and we now have a beautiful Nest thermostat in our kitchen. 

Now that we've been in our house for a couple of weeks I'm happy to report the Nest is as good if not better then I expected. There are two features that I've found particularly useful. First is that you can control the Nest thermostat from anywhere in the world. So when we were moving from The Colony to our home it made it super easy to turn on the AC before we got to the house. Or at night if I'm to lazy to go downstairs I can turn on the AC without leaving the bed. Its pretty great.

This is all thanks to the very slick app. You can control the thermostat from the app and even see your energy usage. We couldn't be happier with our Nest thermostat. Its simple, elegant, and a great fit for our home. I for one can't wait to see what comes next from Nest.