My Jury Duty Experience

I have never had to server Jury Duty. I registered to vote the day I turned 18 but one way or another I have been able to get out of Jury Duty each time I am called, until a few days ago. They had requested me to come in this past Tuesday at 7:45am and so there I was bright and early in a very large crowded room with a ton of other people who were even more upset to be there. About a half hour after sitting down in the waiting room the head lady started reading off names and court rooms. I was assigned to the old court room accross the street from the new court room and was required to wait for a deputy to take us accross the street. What was worse about this was that they let about 100 people go for the day right after calling my group court room.

I was later glad I didn't get let go because I was able to sit in the court room, see what a real court actually looks and feels like and was later let off due to the fact that my work currently doesn't pay me for jury duty, and $15 a day isn't going to get me very far. I actually wish my work did pay for it as I would have loved to sit on the Jury, but alas it was an experience nonetheless. Jury duty for me anyways no where near as bad as I thought it was going to be. A half of a day and I was done for another year, and hopefully it will be a few more years until I get called back in again.