It's Time for Some US Open Tennis

If I had a week of vacation that I could take, I might just take it now so I could stay back and watch the full coverage of this years US Open. For one laying on the couch eating some chips and kicking back a few cokes would be ideal, but just after watching a few matches yesterday (Nadal and Blake) I have once again been instantly sucked in to watching this year's US Open. Did anyone hear that they brought in Don King to help promote this year's tournament? The Grapple in the Big Apple is what he is calling it. The battle between Federer and Nadal. The two have to get to the finals first, I am a bit surprised they are playing that up so early in the tournament.

In some respect it does make sense given the amazing Wimbledon match of only a few months ago between the two players, but common Blake has a chance. Well maybe not he barley made it through his first round match last night against Donald Young. I am sure many of you could care less about the tennis circuit but I am a big fan, and I love watching the four grand slam tournaments especially the last two of Wimbledon and the US Open.

This should be a great US Open and let's just hope Nadal trips on his capris and makes a quick exit, because I don't know about you but I can't stand the guy. We shall see, it will be a fun two weeks of tennis!