The Plan of Attack for the Coming Weeks

As many of you know next Wednesday, July 2nd I am leaving for London. So many of you may be wondering what sort of updates you can expect from next week and for the three weeks I am gone. Well my goal is to at least do posts every other day and then post at all the At Sea days on the cruise. That is of course just a goal and could change quite quickly depending on how the trip goes and how much it is costing to get online. Next week I will be showing some of the things that Jenn and I have done to get prepared for this trip, and boy has it been plentiful. By the way I should mention that this coming Sunday, Jenn and I along with my brother Jake and sister Amy are going to Raging Waters. I have never been before, so I am actually really looking forward to it. Anyways not much else to post on yet, next week begins a very big 3-4 weeks!