One Week Until the End. Time Does Fly

I am sure some of you are getting a bit tired of hearing about hearing the constant updates on my last week at UC Irvine. But don't worry it's getting down to the end. A week from right now, I will be finished with my last Final. Yesterday was basically a day off for me and so I came down to school with Jenn and got our graduation stuff (cap and gown, tickets, etc) picked up and am ready for June 15th (graduation day). It was a nice day all in all, we went to look at some houses near by, and took it easy for the most part. I have to say that it's a bit weird imagining a life without school. It becomes so ingrained in your life for the last 4 years it just feels odd to know that one day it all ends and its time to move on.

As you all know I have my Europe Trip coming on July 2nd and so I am not making any big plans for my life until after that. I need some time to just relax, recuperate, and figure out what I want to do. And what better then way then 3 weeks in Europe? I'll probably start thinking about what to do on the 13 hours of flying on the way home.

One week until I am an official graduate of UC Irvine. Crazy stuff.