Developer Call for 2K Sports Prizefighter

As many of you know I am in the video game industry press. 2K Sports has begun doing developer calls for there games. I participated in one a few weeks back for Top Spin 3, and this morning I had one with 2K Sports for there upcoming Boxing title Prizefighter. What was neat about this developer call was that Don King and Larry Holmes was on the call with us. I have heard Don King before, this isn't the first time, but man can this guy talk. On this conference call he went through 3 questions in 30 minutes or so. His long winded answers to questions were ridiculous, the man didn't answer one question, for some reason he seems to just grab words from the dictionary and throw them in the air and hope some of them apply.

Don King's Prizefighter

Larry Holmes on the other hand was interesting. The question was asked if he could fight anyone who would it be, he said George Foreman. Can you say bad blood? The conference calls are usually pretty informative, but Don King just talks to talk, I cannot believe this man, I have no idea what he was ever talking about. He goes from talking about the Bible to boxing, to the video game, to ancient philosophers.

The game itself looks amazing, the career mode being the center piece I feel like its a great idea. Fight Night from EA has always had there easy ride to the top, so I am hoping 2K Sports delivers. I wish I would have recorded this interview because if you could have heard some of Don King's responses I have a feeling you would have scratched your head just like I was.