My Official Last Week of Classes at UC Irvine

How crazy is life? It feels like just yesterday I started my first nerve filled day at UC Irvine, and now here I am a year and a half later and I am finishing up my BA in Sociology and moving on with my life. For those who are wondering it did take me the 4 years to finish up my BA which most of the people I talk to are on the 5 or 6 year plan in school, so I am really excited to have gotten in and out of here in a good amount of time. For those who weren't reading my blog a year and a half ago, I transferred as a Junior from Cal State San Bernardino to UC Irvine in January of 2007 and for all intensive purposes didn't think I would be graduating until 2009. But a few lucky draws and bam I am a week and two days away from taking my last final, and a week and six days away from officially graduating.

So how has UC Irvine been?

It's a good school, there is not two ways about it. It's everything a top notch University should be, I just am not one that is all that engaged with school. I have enjoyed my time here, especially since Jenn transfered over last summer, that really has made a world of difference. More then anything I owe a lot of getting through UC Irvine to Jenn, she has kept me focused, she has helped me make some huge decisions, and more then anything she was there for me day in and day out to make sure I got through school as successfully as I possibly could.

By the way I don't know if I have mentioned this yet in previous posts, but I graduate on June 15th (which is fathers day) and guess who's going to be graduating with me? That's right, the love of my life, Jenn! She to will be walking on June 15th although still having a few quarters to go they are allowing her to walk early to not have to come back for next years commencement. It will truly be a great few weeks to come!
Joel S