I am Less Productive With Less to Do

So with me not having a full time job yet and having nothing really to do until my trip in a little over a week I have had plenty of time to watch TV/Movies from online sources. I have been using Hulu.com for quite sometime now but I never really got into there Movie selection so I jumped in it today and did some searching, but didn't find anything worth watching. So then it hit me, I am less productive when I have less to do. So I sat here thinking about how that could be, and my only reasoning is that with less to do I have less urgrency to get these done and thus I find a greater chance of procrastinating.

So I am not sure how to cure this, I have tried doing to-do lists but I never seem to even get a few done. I have tried doing as much as I can before lunch and taking the rest of the day off. I have even taken complete days off and tried working the next day, and I just feel like with each day I am getting lazier. So here is to am more productive tomorrow!