A Reason to Love DirecTV, Wimbledon Coverage!

I have always been a big fan of DirecTV, I have an HD unit which I am very happy with the quality it shoots out on my 37" Toshiba LCD. But if there was anything I had to love about DirecTV it is during Wimbledon and the US Open where they open up about 6-7 channels and allow you to watch literally every court that is playing. This is great because a lot of times ESPN will just show the Williams sisters, or whatever is on center court and this can be the least enjoyable matches to watch. So today I got to sit back and watch some really great tennis including this final match of the day with Chris Eaton from the UK who is ranked 661 in the world but maybe it through qualifiers and took the match in 3 sets. The crowd was so for him, and he looked like he was having the time of his life, it was quite a match to watch. I also got to watch a great Andy Murray match and saw James Blake pull off a great match as well.

James Blake at Wimbledon

So as I said yesterday I was having problems staying focused, watching Wimbledon is one of those "distractions" that I don't mind putting in front of work, there is nothing better then watching Tennis at the All England Club. And just think in a week I will be only a short distance away from the action when I leave for London. Ah I love this time of year!