Michael Vick's Apology

So I just got done listening to the apology from Michael Vick former Quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons and I have to say for a planned speech that was just horrendous. If you haven't heard yet, which I would be shocked if you haven't, the man has been accused of some pretty terrible things, among others dog fighting. I am not going to get into the legality of the issue but just looking at the apology he gave to the media after pleading guilty boggles me. First off I think it should be a rule of thumb never to talk about yourself in the third person. That makes it seem like your better then everyone else, and your the one that is being convicted so thats not good. Being a Christian it is hard for me to comment on him finding Jesus, which if its true that is awesome, God Bless him then, but to me that is not something that needed publicly announcing after pleading guilty. Finally I am just so sick of hearing athletes make themselves out to be more then they are, he said he was a role model for kids, and I think any parent with some common sense would shy away from letting there kids look up to him, and him putting himself at that self proclaimed level was ridiculous.

All in all I can't say his apology was that sincere, but then again how could it be? Would there be anything that Michael Vick could say that people would actually feel as genuine? In my opinion no.
Joel S