Sony What Are You Doing? Where is the Online Content?

We are quickly approaching the one year anniversary of the Playstation 3, and for any console that means the honeymoon period is over, and its time to produce some content. I have always been a big supporter of Sony, there is no doubt on my mind they create the best First Party games, or the most great first party games in the last decade, with Nintnedo following very close behind. However what the heck is Sony doing with there Playstation Online Service. I have downloaded over ten demo's in the last month or two from Xbox Live, been engaged by a few Xbox Live Arcade titles, and played a ton of online multiplayer on Xbox Live. With Sony I have downloaded a whopping three demo's which include the five minutes of Heavenly Sword, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfight 2 (already played on the 360), and The Darkness. The content that Sony has been putting up on there online service is minimal at best, and really is falling way short of what the Xbox 360 has done. I understand that most of these demo's are third party, which leads me to believe there has been a very quick change of support that used to be 100% for Sony, and now is turning to the Xbox 360, many complaining that Sony just flat out isn't putting in the man hours to help there development.

Sony PS3

Sony can't continue to rely on first party support, things like Playstation Home, and the Eye Camera are great additions, and even the price drop was nice, but this is the time where Sony needs to start revving its engines, get the content out there for gamers before you fall to far behind the race. This is going to be a tough holiday for Sony, they are going up against Halo 3 without any Grand Theft Auto title to battle it out, and when you only give the briefest of snippets of possibly one of the biggest titles (Heavenly Sword) to hit the PS3 this year, that is just not going to cut it. I have reviewed nearly every title released for both the Xbox 360 and PS3, and there is no doubt in my mind at this point in time, no matter what sales records may show, the Xbox 360 has more content, more games, and more reasons to buy a console then Sony has with a Cell Processor, A Blu-ray player, and a few good games. Sony you have a great lineup, some great concepts, but when you are coming out a year later then the competition, you need to be moving a lot faster then you are right now. You have the all-mighty cell processor, what's taking you so long?
Joel S