The US Open is Under Way

I know this isn't going to be the most popular post on my blog, in fact many of you probably wonder why I am continually putting up posts on Tennis, what can I say I am a fan. Well I have today off, and this is actually Day 2 of the tournament and so far so good. What I love about the US Open are the night matches, there is nothing like the New York Crowds at night with a few beers in them. Tonight we have Roddick and Sharapova which should be good, but I am wanting to see Blake at a night match, but I am sure if he makes it a match or two in, that will be the case. Speaking of James Blake, has anyone read his book? I have it on my list of things I need to buy, the book is Breaking Back and is close to the top of the Best Sellers List, which is awesome for the Harvard Grad.

James Blake US Open 2007

So who am I picking to win the tournament? Well that is a tough question, I am hoping for Blake to make a run on the mens side of things but here are my picks.

Mens: Roger Federer: Can you really pick anyone else?
Women: Serena Williams: She looked like she was playing well last night, and if she gets on a roll, no one will beat her.
Joel S