The Art of Bidding on eBay

Whatever sort of skill, strategy, or patience it requires to win items on eBay I don't have it. First off I have been sniped in the last minute of three auctions tonight. I want to buy a bigger memory card for my digital camera, just a simple 4GB memory stick, its like $30 no big deal. Twice i bid in the last 45 seconds of an auction and lost once by a penny and the other time by a dollar. I am not in desperate need of the item but it would be nice to have. I am great at selling things on eBay I have had a lot of success over the years in that, but when it comes to buying I get all panic stricken and always want to bid earlier then necessary. Half the time I think I am getting lousy deals because instead of wanting to get an item I would rather win the auction. Crazy right? Heck you know eBay is loving it. When I finally got a memory card it says:

You won the item in the last few minutes. Congrats, you beat the competition!

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That is why I should never be allowed to bid on eBay, I take it more as a game then actually trying to buy a good. Oh well I got my 4GB Memory Stick!

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