The Final Few Weeks of 2007

I have mixed emotions about the last few weeks of a year. First off it is great time to be out of school, the break is much needed and I am enjoying it immensely. However with this time of year comes some things I am not a huge fan of, first off I don't love family parties, its just a lot of formalities that I have never been a huge fan of. I love Christmas, not only the meaning behind it, the birth of our savior, but also just a great day for everyone to be happy and home and just relaxing. So that takes a lot of the time I have off for the next few weeks.

With basically all of the TV shows I blog about either canceled, waiting for the strike, or finishing up in the next week or so. I have a lot of games still to review, a few pieces of hardware, and some new projects that are un-announced that I am working on as well. So we shall see how the last few weeks of the year end up.
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