Journeyman Bites the Dust

What a sad morning it was, it started out good, but then I got online, did my usual roundup of news for my TV Blogs, and saw some of the worst news since the cancellation of Jericho, Journeyman has been put on notice. Tonight Journeyman airs its tenth episode, and it will have two more before it is off the air. There is no official word on cancellation, but we do know that this is the end of the season, and there is very little chance if any that NBC brings it back next year, especially with the poor ratings. This and Chuck are my favorite new shows of the year, Journeyman for me being the more consistent one. Just like Jericho, Journeyman had a select following, it didn't grab any of the ratings. Read my full comments on the ending of Journeyman, on my Journeyman Blog.

RIP: Journeyman

September 2007 - December 2007

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