Movie Review: Deadpool

In general it's very rare that I see a movie in theaters anymore. Jenn and I spend so much more time watching Netflix/Amazon/Hulu or going to live performances that it leaves little to no time to go see movies in theaters. It's even more rare that I go see a movie in theaters that I wasn't looking forward to for a long time. But worlds collided and while Jenn and Amy went to get a massage, Jake and I went to go see Deadpool. 

This is one of those movies that I thought would completely pan. All of the trailers leading into the movie did nothing for me. I'm not the biggest Ryan Reynolds fan and had never heard of Deadpool before this movie was announced. But after the movie was released to almost all positive reviews my interest absolutely peaked. The good news is the reviews were right, as Deadpool is a really great movie. 

If you know nothing about Deadpool, it's basically a spoof of comic book movies. It takes the Marvel universe and just laughs at it. And it doesn't do it in a "Scary Movie" type of way. It does it by making a really good comic book movie and makes fun of itself along the way. I mentioned earlier I don't usually like Ryan Reynolds but he is perfect in this movie. His dry delivery makes for some downright hilarious moments. One of the best moments was early in the movie when you had a huge action set piece. While all of this is happening the camera would focus in on Deadpool and let him explain his thoughts before each kill. Sort of brilliant in a Frank Underwood sort of way. 

What's even better is that Deadpool remains funny to the very end. There were a couple of rough patches in the middle but overall this is a really good movie. I'm not sure I will run out and purchase the bluray but for a February movie, I enjoyed every second of this one.