TV Review: The Amazing Race 27 (We Both Picked Wrong This Time)

A couple of weeks ago most of our TV shows that we watch while eating dinner took breaks we were left with an opportunity to watch a season of The Amazing Race. I signed up for a month of CBS All-Access (which is currently $5.99) to go ahead and watch Season 27 of The Amazing Race. The one downside to using this service apposed to just buying the season on iTunes is that it is jam packed full of commercials that you cannot skip. Making matters worse similar to most online services it repeats the same ads over and over and over again. 

A complete and odd side-note but of the ever repeating ads we did genuinely enjoy the University of Phoenix ad quite a bit, even if it played multiple times each episode. 

Back to the race. At the beginning of each season of The Amazing Race Jenn and I in the first ten minutes make a selection for who we think is going to win. With a dozen teams the odds are well 8%. Our odds are slightly better then that given our vast experience watching the series, there are absolute characteristics we look for in a team. An equal measure of both intelligence and athleticism is 95% of the race, the last 5% is luck with travel. Jenn chose Cindy & Rick, a couple who were both doctors and physically fit and young. They seemed like a great choice but only lasted until the 7th round. I on the other hand fared better with my choice of the dating paparazzi, Logan & Chris. They somehow managed to come in third place although they literally yelled at each other from the start to the end of the race. I can almost guarantee they are not still together after the race.

Once Jenn's team was eliminated we both switched to root for the eventual winners of the 27th season of The Amazing Race, Kelsey & Joey dating news anchors. They raced the right way and never seemed to argue or get flustered. They also had a record 5 second place finishes losing to the villains of this season of the race, the green team. It was an incredibly fun season of the race and as every season of The Amazing Race does made us even more excited to jump back in for season 28 of the race. This show continues to be fantastic.