TV Review: Catastrophe Season 2

Last year I ranked the eighteen different shows we watched and ranked the first season of Catastrophe as my personal favorite, and Jenn agreed. So to say we were looking forward to the sophomore season of Catastrophe is a giant understatement, we had the release date circled on our calendar. The release date was only a couple of Friday's ago and we've already consumed the six episode second season. 

I will say from the top that I didn't enjoy the second season as much as the first. With that being said the second season was still easily one of my favorite seasons of television around. The main duo of Rob and Sharon (played by Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan) are still brilliant. Their comedic touch is as poignant as they come. There is so much wit in Catastrophe that at times you can miss it if not paying close attention. 

The second season fast forwards on Rob and Sharon past the birth of their first kid (she's still pregnant at the end of the first season) and onto their second child. The banter between the couple is some of the funniest stuff on TV. I cannot even count the number of times that Jenn and I would burst into laughter to the point of tears. The six-episode season follows the couple as they try to figure out what life is now going to be like with two kids, Sharon considering going back to work and Rob hating every second of his job. It's a dilemma I'm sure many have faced and the reality of it is part of the shows true charm. 

I don't say this often but I'd really love to sit back down and rewatch the first two seasons of Catastrophe. The short seasons leave you wanting more and maybe that's the point. There isn't a show on TV with a more lovable cast nor with as good writing. I cannot believe how quickly we blasted through the second season I wish we could turn back time and pretend like we haven't seen it yet. Its just such good comedy. Bravo again Catastrophe, bravo.