Why Jenn and I Are #WithHer

For anyone that knows me, you know that I am strongly on the side of Hillary Clinton in this election. As I sit here writing this post, we are only a few days away from the election. It's hard for me to even contemplate that there's still a potential for a President Trump. As I write this my entire stomach is clenched in anticipation and fear of what Tuesday's election will bring. 

Before I go on a tirade on Trump let me start with something that I think is lost in this election. I'm a "huge" fan of Hillary. I think she will make a great President. In fact she's the first democrat I've ever voted for. And although Jenn and I regret not voting for Obama, we're happy to stand with her in this election. For me personally I find her to be who she says she is. A wife, mother, and grandmother who's the most fit person to lead our country forward. 

The candor she held in three debates against a belligerent buffoon showed more class then Trump has mustered in his entire life. Could you imagine if Hillary had said 1/100th of what Trump has said on the campaign trail? Or worse yet acted the way he did for any of the debates? When it all comes down to it, what I want most out of a President, is someone prepared to take office. Someone that I believe can make the hard decisions when it matters most. I hope with every fiber in my being that she's able to break through the glass ceiling on Tuesday and become the 45th President of the United States of America. 

I've spent far to much of the last four to five months trying to understand anyone voting for Trump, and quite frankly I'm at a loss. One of my favorite segments of this political season (and there have been plenty) was when John Oliver compared the scandals facing Trump and Clinton. This was filmed before the Access Hollywood tape of his comments on the bus which make the dichotomy between the two candidates even greater. But the general thesis that Oliver was trying to hammer home is that when you actually compare the two candidates, the choice should be obvious.

Scandals aside I'm not actually sure from a policy perspective what people are intrigued by with Trump. Does everyone forget how bad the economy was in 2008 when Obama took office? Do people really hate the idea of everyone in our country having health care? Trump has made his political career this election season by wanting to build a wall, ban religions from entering our country, and wanting to deport millions of people out of the country. If you take out the drama of the debates and look at what Trump actually said from a policy standpoint, he has nothing. He doesn't have policy ideas, or ways to "make America great again" he just has his ego. And his ego has been able to tap into the underbelly of this country and brought it into the light in a way that I didn't think possible. 

At the end of the day I have to hope and pray that America chooses right on this one (or left I suppose). The ramifications not only domestically but around the globe could be catastrophic. When Jenn and I were on our #UltimateEuropeTrip about 90% of people we encountered asked some variation of "you guys aren't really going to elect Trump are you?" That sentiment is shared by Jenn and I. We can't be seriously even considering this guy can we? 

And so like 50% of the American population I wait with baited breath in the hopes that we can elect Hillary Clinton for President on November 8th.  As I eagerly refresh the current polls it looks as though Hillary has a solid lead, but Trump still has a chance of having the most powerful job in the world.

Taken from NewYorkTimes.com at 7PM Pacific (11/06/16)

Taken from NewYorkTimes.com at 7PM Pacific (11/06/16)

And so after nearly two years of dreading the idea that Trump could be our President, all I can do is pray. Our ballots were mailed in weeks ago, our dollars and our vote have been proudly cast for Hillary Clinton. I pray to God every day that if Jenn and I ever have kids that we don't bring them into a world where we let Donald Trump anywhere near the White House.