TV Review: Silicon Valley Season 3

It's probably no surprise to any one that knows me that I love HBO's Silicon Valley. I'm someone that will sit down and watch not only Apple but Google, Microsoft and Tesla press conferences when they announce new products. I love watching tech moguls like Tim Cook, Elon Musk and the like do interviews and learn more about their roads to where they are now. But what I love even more about the tech industry now is that every day there's a new app or piece of hardware that may change the world. In a nutshell Silicon Valley is a comedic look at the amazing, weird, and often nonsensical world of tech. 

Silicon Valley's third season picks up right where the second season lets off, with the gang getting control of their product Pied Piper and starting the journey of launching the software. What transpires feels like (I have no first hand experience in the tech industry) a very typical Silicon Valley success story. At first its all praise. But like the stock market you buy on the rumor and sell on the news. The group hit some major stumbling blocks both with their staff (the new CEO) and their software. The season is really about the group fighting through those challenges and still managing to launch a piece of software.

I absolutely loved everything about the third season of Silicon Valley. The show got its groove in the second season and continues forward in the third. Like all good comedies there isn't one actor or actress that stands out over the rest. In fact what makes Silicon Valley one of our favorite comedies is how good the entire cast work off of each other. One of the best parts of the third season is how grounded the show felt. It didn't go off on any crazy tangents and managed to tell a very cohesive story.

Silicon Valley's third season was yet another shining example of what a great comedy can be. It hits some high notes early on and continues on that until the finale which completely drops the ball. We continue to live Silicon Valley and like Veep and Game of Thrones we cannot wait for its return next year.