Ranking Political Satirists on this Election

I originally wrote this post before the election. Now with the results known this post has quite a bit less relevance then I thought it would. I still believe that although we as a country lost a big battle this November, I do want to highlight some of the bright spots of this political season. These were the voices of reason that Jenn and I clung to up until days before the election. 

7. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Take me back to the Colbert Report please. The more tame, mainstream Colbert is still brilliant, but he lacks the punch of his old character. I will never forget some of his hard hitting commentary on past elections in his old role, and how far he's fallen now that he's in a more mainstream audience. That didn't mean he sat the election out, but Jenn and I just didn't seek him out like our previous daily viewing of The Colbert Report.

6. Saturday Night Live

Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin have been killing it as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump this election cycle. The post-debate sketches that SNL has come up with this season are comedic gold. I haven't laughed harder then these sketches. 

5. The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

I know most of the former Daily Show viewers have moved on to greener pastures but Jenn and I have stuck around. I think Trevor Noah has gotten leagues better then when he started and began to find his voice with this election. The problem is his convictions just don't seem genuine. He's fortunate to have a great cast of correspondents that have held the mantle really well while he at times has faltered. 

4. Real Time With Bill Maher

We're brand new to Real Time With Bill Maher. He's someone I've been aware of for years but never found the need or desire to watch him. After catching a couple of his clips on YouTube we decided to start watching his show and after a handful of episodes we're hooked. He not only has a great insightful perspective but his roundtable discussions are always fun. 

3. Late Night With Seth Meyers

Of anyone on this list the biggest surprise is Seth Meyers. I never watched much of his work on Weekend Update on SNL, and have never caught his late night show. But anytime Jenn or I saw a "Closer Look" video on YouTube we made sure to tune in. He was so insightful while still adding his own sarcastic dry layer of humor that made these segments some of the best of the year. 

2. Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

If there was anything this election cycle needed it was a female voice trying to temper the sexism that has faced Hillary at every step of this election. Sam Bee was always one of our favorites on The Daily Show but her on her own has been nothing short of brilliant. I can't think of anyone this political season who's had more pointed opinion pieces then Sam Bee.

1) Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

For the last six months anytime an article or web page has the word Trump pop up, it is auto changed to Drumpf. That's in part thanks for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and by far the best segment of his show in 2016, Make Donald Drumpf Again. John Oliver week in and week out has brought 10/10 shows to HBO. It's one of the few shows that I genuinely look forward to each week. 

After I wrote this post a slew of these same people had some wonderful follow-ups to Trump winning the election. Here's a few that I think are must watches. 

Saturday Night Live

This might be the most poignant reaction to the news of Trump winning the election. I watched it right before going to bed on Saturday night (11/12) and it left me with tears coming down my eyes and the pit of my stomach in knots. 

Late Night with Seth Meyers

I was so impressed with Seth Meyers during the election season that it shouldn't have surprised me as much as it did when he too brought me to tears with his deep concern of a Trump presidency. 

Stephen Colbert (On the Night of the Election)

I mentioned earlier in this post that we've fallen off with Colbert. But his reaction following right after the news that it looked like Trump was going to take the election was heart-wrenching.