Goodbye Honda Fit and Hello to my New 2015 Toyota Prius

In 2007 I purchased a Black Toyota Prius. At the time I was going to be driving to UCI from Riverside and I loved how forward thinking Toyota was with its Hybrid. Plus you couldn't beat nearly 50 MPG. Five years later I was working full time and I had put nearly 150K miles on it and the front dashboard had completely gone out. Money was tight so I went and purchased a 2012 Honda Fit. One of the worst car decisions I ever made. It's not that it was a bad car it was just as basic and dull as they come.

Now in 2015 I still drive a lot and desperately wanted to get back into a Prius. I was talking to Jenn on Friday morning on my way to work as my Fit started making its normal weird noises and said I wish I could go buy a Prius. She said I should. So like I do, I began to do a lot of research and found out Toyota was having a Memorial Day sale with $2000 rebate and 0% financing. I got a bunch of quotes and went to Carmax after work to get a quote on my Honda Fit. The quote came in at private party rates on Kelly Blue Book. Jenn and I went to Wahoos that night in Fashion Island and celebrated the selling of my Honda Fit. Now it was time to purchase the new Prius! 

Saturday morning I had an appointment at 10AM for AutoNation Toyota in Irvine. We had to get done by noon because we had a plumber coming out to fix our toilet and shower in the guest room bathroom. We got there right at 10AM and when we sat down the internet salesman came up and said that the car we had gotten a quote on only 12 hours before was no longer available but they did have the model up. We left right-away and went back to the drawing board. Jenn started calling around to different dealerships and got Tustin Toyota to match the great price that AutoNation had given us. I have no idea how she does it but she always makes these things happen. 

Jenn Working Her Magic

Jenn Working Her Magic

After the plumber got done telling us that he didn't have the parts to fix our shower (he did fix the toilet) we rushed off to Tustin Toyota at around 4pm. We got there at 4:30 and were driving off around an hour and a half later. When we got there we took the 2015 Prius 2 in Winter Gray for a test drive (Jenn drove it cause I hate test driving) and they took us to the internet department in a room tucked away. We signed initial paperwork in there and then waited for the finance department to take us. We waited for about 20 mins when finally we signed the loan documents and were off. 

Driving in a Prius again just feels right. I missed it so much. I missed the space. I missed the MPG. I missed the technology. I also just missed having a nicer car. I knew going into this purchase that next year Toyota will introduce the 2016 Prius which will have a new body and probably more technology. But this car fits what we need right now. A car that I can commute safely in 35 miles each way to work and wherever we want to go on the weekends. It feels so good to be back in a Prius again.