I'm an Apple Fanboy - Apple Watch Sport Edition

Hello my name is Joel and I'm an Apple Fanboy. There I said it. Now it's out there. Not that anyone who knows me or read this blog doesn't already know that. But it feels good to say it. More then any other Apple purchase I've ever made, the Apple Watch felt like a purchase only the fanboy side of me would allow to happen. Do I really need a smart watch? No. Do I like having an Apple Watch? Absolutely. 

Like any Apple product launch it required me to stay up until midnight to order. On April 9th (a Thursday) I put in my purchase of the 38mm Apple Watch Sport Edition in Black. I got my watch ordered in five minutes after the store opened and yet my order was delayed until mid-May. It ended up arriving on May 4th a couple weeks after the initial product launched. I wasn't a day-one Apple watch recipient but I was close.

This post was written two weeks after getting the Apple Watch and so far I'm really impressed. The first day or two I was saying blasphemous statements like "its ok" or "not easy to use". Which even to this day I will cop to a bit. But now with a little more "time" (see what I did there) under my belt I have a little more perspective. My overall thoughts are extremely impressed at what Apple's engineers were able to pack into such a small package. Yes its a bit difficult to get over the learning curve of using the device. There's a button, the digital crown, and a touch screen that has force touch which means it knows how are you're pressing the screen. Learning the Apple Watch UI takes time. 

However once I got the hang of it I fell in love. Getting notifications on the wrist can be really handy. I've also found the step count and general health items on the device to be nice reminders to get up and enjoy the beautiful world around me. After two weeks I really love my Apple Watch. Could I imagine a world not having an Apple Watch. Yes but it wouldn't be as fun of a world now would it. It's a really neat device and I'm interested to see how Apple iterates on it in the future.