Movie Review: Ender's Game

Ender's Game the novel by Orson Scott Card was released back in 1985. Since then the love and adoration for the novel has only increased. Since the movie was announced a lot of people including myself who weren't even born when the novel was released went back and re-read it in anticipation of the movie.

For me the novel was good but never met the lofty pedestal everyone seemed to raise it up to. On the other hand the movie which most reviews gave pretty low marks too me was actually pretty good. To start with the movie holds close to the basic structure of the novel having to skim on some of the less necessary details in order to keep the length down. Visually its a striking movie from the fully animated portions to the amazing galactic CGI. 

In a lot of ways I enjoyed watching the movie more then reading the book. Getting to see the training battles come to life as well as travel through space was quite a spectacle. Although I'm glad I didn't throw down $30 to see it in theaters I thought Ender's Game was a very solid adaptation of the popular novel.