TV Series We'd Like to Try Out - Early 2014 Edition

Jenn and I are almost fully caught up with the TV shows we watch and are ready not only for the shows to premiere in April but also to start diving into some new series as well. So here are a list of seven shows that at some point in 2014 we would like to dive into. 

True Detective

Although Season 1 of True Detective just finished up we are already starting to hear rumblings that the show is on par with shows like Breaking Bad and House of Cards. Not surprising since the show casts two of Hollywood's biggest actors as its leads with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Its a show that both Jenn and I plan on watching right when we finish the second season of House of Cards.

Silicon Valley

I love anything tech related, and combine that with a Mike Judge produced show (of Office Space lore) and count me intrigued. Not sure how the show will do on HBO but I for one am hoping it hits because I was intrigued by the shows trailer.

Masters of Sex

After finishing up Dexter a few months back, we saw previews for the new show Masters of Sex on Showtime. The show has a very Mad Men esque feel to it and the reviews of the first season were extremely good. This is more of a Jenn pick, but I'm sure we will find time at some point in 2014 to check the new show out. 

Orange is the New Black

Jenn and I have really enjoyed House of Cards on Netflix and everyone says if you like House of Cards you should watch Orange is the New Black. So at some point this Spring Jenn and I will probably take the journey into the women penitentiary and check out Orange is the New Black. 

Black Sails

I'm not really a huge pirates fan but I've heard great things about Starz latest pirate series, Black Sails. A more mature look at the pirate theme could be really interesting especially since the majority of the show takes place on the open sea. Since I don't have Starz I'll have to wait for it to hit bluray to watch it though. 


Another Starz show that has me intrigued is Outlander based on the best selling novel of the same name. The show is about time travel, so yes you've guessed it I'm super interested. I recently purchased the first book in the series which the show is based on and hope to read it before the series launches sometime in 2014. 

Orphan Black

I listen to a bunch of podcasts, one of which is called CordKillers which talks about cutting the cable cord to watch all of your shows online. One of the shows they talked about a while back when the show was called Frame Rate was Orphan Black which is a BBC show about a girl who is cloned. Sounds like a super interesting concept and received great reviews so I'm hoping Jenn and I can check it out at some point this spring/summer. 

The Walking Dead

In 2011 both Jenn and my favorite game was The Walking Dead by Telltale. We aren't the biggest zombie fans in the world but the compelling narrative and interesting decisions you had to make through the journey captivated both of us. And yet we still haven't tried watching AMC's The Walking Dead. Everyone raves about the show but for some reason we just haven't given it a fair shot. Given that most of the series is on Netflix we are bound to give it a go sooner or later.