TV Review: The Leftovers Season 1


"I'll see you in another life brotha." Remember the good old days of Lost? Remember when we wondered who the Others were? And why did they ever have to go back to the island? Well from one of the creators of Lost comes the new HBO series The Leftovers. One of the few remaining TV series that I wanted to check out, we recently finished watching the ten episode first season, and boy was it dark and depressing.

The concept is what brings anyone into the show. The idea of 2% of the population disappearing is chilling. I just re-watcher the trailer for the first season and even though I just got done watching it, the trailer draws me in again. The season itself is a mixed bag. This is a dark show. I mean really dark. The first couple of episodes are downright depressing. No one in the world knows what happened. There are a lot of people with speculation but a definitive answer is no where. The show also doesn't really pursue giving you answers.

The first season of The Leftovers which takes place years after the disappearing shows the world in disarray. The show is less about why and more about what the world has come to. And that is my issue with the first season. Not that I expect a show created by the creators of Lost to give me answers. But I want to understand more how the rest of the world is dealing with it. This small town in New York is it the rule or the exception? There is also a cult of people who dress in all white, don't talk, and smoke all-day. What's there deal? I would have loved to learn more about them as well.

The show itself was interesting but probably to dark for either of our taste. I will probably watch Season 2 but I doubt I will be able to drag Jenn along for the ride. If you like weird shows with lots of mystery then I'd recommend it. Otherwise you might want to go to something lighter that has more hope for the world.