My Personal Goals for 2015

Every year I sit down and write out my goals for the upcoming year. You've probably heard it a 1000 times but New Years resolutions never stick. I like to think that my goals are slightly different. My goals for 2015 aren't arbitrary, there tangible, measurable goals. I guess since I develop performance goals for a living I should be able to make goals for myself right? So here we go. Here are my goals for 2015.

#1: Read Our Nightly Devotional Every Night in 2015

At some point in 2014, Jenn and I started reading a daily devotional together. I'm pretty sure we did it everyday from whenever we started it in 2014. However with the new year my goal for both of us is to read our devotional together every-night in 2015.

#2: Use the (Formerly Lift) App Every Day in 2015

I fell in love with the Lift app in 2014. But when the Epic Europe Trip happened I fell off track with using it. Its sort of my daily goals for 2015. I love it because its simple stuff like take vitamins, brush and floss twice a day, and simple stuff like that. But its a great way to keep myself in check and make sure I accomplish what I set out to do every day.

#3: Write Two Chef Joel & Jenn Articles a Month

Some of my favorite WorldofJoel posts of 2014 were the Chef Joel & Jenn posts. They were times where Jenn and I could spend time together in the kitchen trying out new dishes. We did 10 recipes in 2014, and my goal is to more then double that in 2015 to 24. I'm not saying they will all be good and I'm sure on a couple we will end up ordering a pizza afterwards but its more about the journey then the destination.

#4: "Read" 5 Books in 2015

For 2015 my goal is to read 27 books for the year. Most of those will end up being audiobooks which I love. And for anyone that says audiobooks is not "reading" you're wrong. However one thing now that I have my own Kindle Paperwhite is that I do want to sit down and read 5 books in 2015. Whether its re-reading old books or reading new ones. My goal is to read 5 books along with listening to 22+ books in 2015.

#5: Drink More Wine and even less soda.

I'm going to cheat with my last goal for 2015. Its  not measurable and not really one that I can substantiate in any way. Over the last couple of years I've given up soda completely. Every once in a while if I have a headache or am at the movies I will get a soda. But instead of drinking a couple of sodas a day I stick with water. I'm hoping in 2015 I can drink even less soda and that Jenn and I can drink more wine. As we've been packing for our move we both realized we love red wine but are always to hesitant to open bottles in the fear of letting it go to waste. I hope in 2015 we enjoy more wine. What's better then a good glass of red wine?

#6: Be a Better Husband

OK I'm cheating again. I guess I could have Jenn rate this one at the end of 2015 but that might be ugly. A goal I've had since the day we got married was to constantly strive to be better. I've been so blessed to have Jenn in my life. Not only my wife but my best friend. I just want to be better to her. I want to be more supportive of her ideas, be more interested in her hobbies, and be more attentive to her needs. Slower to anger and quicker to praise. I want to be her rock. I want to be a better husband in 2015 from top to bottom. Out of all the goals in 2015, this one will remain the one I want to accomplish more then anything else.

So that's it. There are my goals for 2015. I'm sure there's something I'm missing but I guess those will have to wait for 2016. Onward and upward we go!