Decorating Pumpkins - 2014 Edition

One of the first things I did with Jenn's family when we started dating was painting pumpkins. It was a tradition that both Jenn and her mom got super into every year, and I would begrudgingly participate. In Jenn's household it was a competition to see who could do the best pumpkin. It would always end with Jenn's Mom having the best followed by Jenn, then her Dad (who would rush to get his done) and me who looked like an unskilled second grader.

Over the years I've only gotten worse at the art of decorating pumpkins, but Jenn and I have kept the tradition going. In 2013 we painted pumpkins and added some decorations on it. Jenn did a polka dot spider and I did an atrocious Walter White from Breaking Bad. This year with our trip a mere week away we had to do a much quicker rendition of pumpkin decorating. Jenn did a ton of research and found an awesome guide to make Owl pumpkins.

So this year required no painting but glue gunning a bunch of decorations on the pumpkin. What transpired was possibly the best pumpkins in recent memory. In my humble opinion its by far the best work I've ever done. We stacked two small pumpkins that we got from Strawberry Farms in Irvine glued them together and made an owl. For the limited timeframe we impressed ourselves.

Joel SHome