Movie Review: A Million Ways to Die in the West

I had really high expectations for A Million Ways to Die in the West when I first saw the trailers at the beginning of the year. It even made my top movies of the summer list. The movie is directed, written, and starred by Seth MacFarlane who seems to be comedy/hollywood gold right now. The movie is exactly as the title says, about all the crazy ways people could die in the wild west.

I grew up watching Westerns with my Dad so a comedy making fun of all those old westerns sounded great. Unfortunately even for a movie I watched on the KLM flight taking Jenn and I from Los Angeles to Amsterdam couldn't make this a movie that was even partially enjoyable. A Million Ways to Die in the West is a combination of a movie that gave its best moments away in the many trailers leading up to the release and one that lacks both plot and cohesion. I'm all for laughing but sadly Seth MacFarlanes characters comes off flat.

The highlight of the movie had to be Liam Neeson who plays his normal character, the guy with a set of skills that involves killing a lot of people. It did at least give great evidence that they need to make a real western with Liam Neeson in it. Other then his brief glimpses of greatness this was a movie that wasn't overly funny nor worth my time, including when I'm stuck in a plane seat praying that time will pass quicker. Oh well hopefully Ted 2 is good.