Movie Review: Jobs

I'm really shocked I didn't make Jenn go see Jobs in the theaters. But somehow getting out to see Jobs alluded me so I waited for it come out on rental to check it out. Most of you probably already know by this point but I've been a giant Apple fan since the release of the iPod. Since that time I've watched probably every Apple keynote and began to truly admire how Steve Jobs not only presented keynotes but drove innovation at Apple. 

The movie Jobs was just not what it needed to be. On the positive side I thought Ashton Kutchar did a pretty good job as Steve Jobs but the movie itself just wasn't where it needed to be. It focused on his early innovation and then his falling out with Apple and missed arguably his greatest achievement of bringing the company out of ashes into the juggernaut it is today. 

For a movie about Steve Jobs who was every bit a perfectionist its hard to see a movie that just doesn't have that Apple polish that you would want for a movie about Steve Jobs.