My Current Five Favorite iPhone Apps

The first step to recovery is admiting you have a problem. Well everyone I have a problem. I am addicted to my iPhone. Not a little bit, a lot. I love my iPhone 4. Even if it isn't the latest and greatest. And even if the camera is broken and gives every picture an annoying glow. I still love my iPhone.

However what I love most is the amount of options I have for what my phone can do which leads me to my favorite 5 apps I am using right now.

Audible (Free)


This one should come as no surprise. I love the Audible app and it might be the most used app on my phone besides Mail and Safari. The Audible App has a great interface, Xbox Live style achievements, great stat keeping, and just an all around great user experience. Having over 50 audiobooks already in my library and plenty more to come I love to have a dedicated app to my growing obsession with audio books.

Instagram (Free)


I am really sick of Facebook. And I don't love the fact that Facebook now owns Instagram. But that doesn't mean I still don't love the Instagram app. I love seeing what people take pictures of and during a long day of work I am always down to see someones beautiful travel photos. It's a slick app and for me is a great alternative to Facebook.



I cannot tell you how many times watching a movie or a television show Jenn or I will ask each other where the actor/actress is from. Well it doesn't get any easier then having IMDB in your pocket. Within a few seconds I not only have identified the actor/actress but now know their entire career.

Jetpack Joyride($0.99)


I have three folders of games on my iPhone, most of which I don't play all that often.  The one I seem to go back to more then any other is Jetpack Joyride. It  is the perfect pick up and play game where you can literally play for 30  seconds and put away. The basic premise is to see how far you can take  your jetpack weilding character from the start of this warehouse. What's  so addicting about this game is trying to compete against friends scores. If you haven't played it yet, you really should.



I do the finances for our family. And instead of checking each financial institutions website everyday to make sure everything is "in order" I use and more specifically now the Mint iPhone app. It is a slick app that gives you an idea on how your doing on your budget, areas of concern, and bill reminders. Plus if your a data guy like me you can start delving into trends.