Movie Review: To Rome With Love

I struggle every year to find something fun to do for my birthday. This year was the first year in many that I actually worked on my birthday. But that didn't stop Jenn and I from enjoying my birthday festivities. After an amazing happy hour at Yard House we walked over to the Island Cinema to see To Rome with Love.

Jenn and I have become big fans of Woody Allen movies over the last couple of years with two of our favorites in Match Point and Midnight in Paris. Going into To Rome With Love I had tempered expectations with all of the less then stellar reviews. However I am hear to say that I loved it. Not to the same extent of the movies mentioned earlier but still a great fun movie.


I think the best way to describe it is whimsical. You can see Woody Allen's love for Rome and his amazing sense of humor. Jenn and I are and love sarcasm and this movie has that in spades. There are four or five different storylines to follow and although they don't intertwine they do relate to each other and wrap up nicely at the end of the movie. There were several times that we literally laughed out loud hysterically. 

Jenn and I see a lot of movies throughout the year but very have us coming out of laughing and talking about it the whole way home. To Rome With Love is one of the best movies I have seen this year and one I cannot wait to watch again. 

To Rome With Love Gets the Szerlip Double Thumbs Up.