Jenn and I Have Completed Our Pre-Marital Class

It is with great joy that I write this post today, as Jenn and I have completed our six week Pre-Marital class that we have taken at the church we attend The Grove. We have loved attending The Grove over the past 3-4 years, we feel it is a really great moving stone forward in our faith and has been a true blessing for both Jenn and I. With that being said this class has been a little disappointing. That is not to say that Jenn and I took away nothing from the experience it was just a really hard time for Jenn to be taking the class. Jenn's new job at SCE has been tough on her, who is to blame she takes the train at 6:00AM each morning and doesn't get home until 6:45pm and works extremely hard so the weekend is her time to just relax, so I can't say we were going into this with complete open arms.

So did I learn anything from the experience. Although I really didn't need it, it just confirmed what I already knew, and that is that Jenn is the perfect match for me. Its funny they have you take all of these different questionnaires and surveys to see your compatibility (I would imagine similar to something like and yeah we pasted them all, but those tests don't tell me I want to spend the rest of my life with Jenn, I do and this class although not necessarily the most enjoyable experience was just another reason why I cannot wait for September 19, 2009, our wedding day.

So what's next? Well we planned/booked the Honeymoon which I will go over in another post, and now we are looking for our own place. At first we were looking to buy a place, but Jenn's current job has a lot of mobility both within the company and location and we want to do everything not to restrict that, so we have decided to get an apartment for the time being. More then anything we are just beyond excited to get our own place. We stayed at home throughout college for a number of reasons, it allowed us to travel, it allowed us to save for us, for this time in our life, and it allowed us to plan and boy have we planned.

Since deciding to go the Apartment route we had contemplated living close to home in Riverside, or even going outside this area but to be honest we just never found "that place". And granted we know this is a temporary location we really wanted to start out right, this is what we have saved and planned for so I think we have finally decided to live where we really want to, and that is in Irvine. Having gone to school their, and Jenn gone to school and worked out their we loved the area. We have the beach 10 minutes away, Disneyland/Angels Stadium is 20 minutes away, and all of the food and shopping you could want. We are really happy with coming to this decision and I can't wait to start posting about the rental process and showing us start to move in this summer!