Living and Working on a Budget

I don't know about you but I am not a big fan of budgets. Its not that I don't see the usefulness, I do, its that it means I have to watch every penny I spend. Jenn and I are working really hard both at work and on our budget. We are looking at getting our first apartment this summer and our main goal is to have plenty of money to furnish the place really nice. So we have scheduled a budget for the coming months that we are going to try and stick to to the best of our ability.

US Money

Without going to the specifics, we are not necessarily tightening down to the point to where all we can have is Ramen from breakfast, lunch, and dinner but we are going to have to be smarter about what we spend money on. I have to say we have done a tracking of our money spent since the 1st of March and it is crazy how fast things add up. Whether its a starbucks, red bull, or even a quick gallon of milk things start adding up like no other.

So we have conjured up our plan, and now are going to do our best to stick with it. The thing is the later we wait this summer the more $ we have for the apartment. We would love to get a really nice TV and one of the new iMac's and that will all really depend on our savings from now until then. The budget started a few days ago and already I am ready to be done with it. The good news is both Jenn and I are pretty good about our money so this plan should be one that really works out.