Apple Possibly Coming Out With Subscription Based TV Service

Earlier today while surfing around the net I came across an article at Apple Insider discussing a rumor going around that Apple is pushing around the idea of releasing a $30 based TV subscription program. There obviously aren't all that many details floating around, but it got me thinking, would I give up some of my cable bill to go to an Apple based subscription service?

Currently I get my Cable, Phone, and Internet through Cox. There internet service is up and down like many other cable providers and there cable setup is rather archaic. The menu's on are DVR are downright pathetic, and of course the quality of the HD programming isn't all that red hot. We currently spend $30 extra a month for our DVR service, if I could continue getting basic HD content from Cox for sports, and then get all my TV shows for $30 from Apple I for one would probably quickly make the switch even if that meant a $200-$300 up front cost to buy a piece of hardware to run it.

Apple TV

I think it is a really interesting proposition if Apple really does go forward with it, obviously the big question still remaining to be answered would be how much TV content would be available. Would Apple be able to get CBS, NBC, ABC, & Fox to jump on board? Not to mention some of the other cable channels? It's an interesting proposition and one that I look forward to see how it plays out.