Just Bought a 27" Apple iMac

Jenn and I have been talking about purchasing an iMac for a long time. We have been wanting to get a desktop computer to be our one stop shop to do all of our video editing from all of our trips, host all of our music on iTunes, and all sorts of different things. When Apple announced that they were putting out a 27" iMac for $1699, Jenn and I jumped on it. Living close to Fashion Island in Newport Beach we decided that we would walk to the Apple Store to purchase our iMac. The idea sounded great at the time, walk around with our iMac, how hard could that be? Well let's just say I am glad we had my brother Jake around with us because the 27" iMac isn't the easiest box to carry around with you. All in all it was hilarious watching us try to walk back with our iMac, but needless to say that we made it back to the apartment with everything intact.


So how do we like the iMac? We love it. Currently I have kind of put my Macbook to the side and have been using this computer for almost everything. It is actually kind of refreshing to have such a large monitor, a lot more real estate to work with. One feature that I don't think gets enough attention is the new mouse which is actually pretty great. I have become a huge fan of being able to use the gesture controls to go backwards and forwards while surfing the internet. All in all though we love the iMac and are really stoked we waited for the 27".

Sitting in Front of the 27

Sitting in Front of the New iMac

Watching Jack Johnson DVD on New iMac

Watching Jack Johnson DVD on New iMac