TV Season Coming to a Close. Quick Recap

So I started this year's TV Season with high hopes. I had about 8-10 TV Blogs I was producing, a few returning shows I was excited to get back into. The blogs went really well, I did sell them in hopes of making profit which I did, and things worked out. I am starting some new blogs which I will get into later, but for now as the finale's begin to roll and we see the effects of the writers strike with the shortened seasons, we look back on what I watched in 2007-2008.

Big Bang Theory on CBS

Shows I Watched:

Amazing Race

Bionic Woman



Friday Night Lights

Grey's Anatomy




The Big Bang Theory

The Office

Favorite New Show of 2007-2008 Season

: The Big Bang Theory on CBS

Most Dissapointed About Cancellation

: Journeyman on NBC (followed by a close second in Jericho)

Most Disappointing Series of 2007-2008 Season

: Heroes on NBC

Favorite Show Overall

: The Office