The Diet of a College Student. Snickers and Energy Drink.

So I have never been one to study. I am a procrastinator to the fullest extent, especially when it comes to things like studying. As many of you know I am graduating from UC Irvine in a few weeks, but I have never really done the full blown "study day". UC Irvine is one of the tougher schools around, but somehow my poor study habits have allowed me to get by with somewhat decent grades. Unfortunately my last quarter is proving to be quite the challenge, and I have had to log some serious hours to get through.

Amped Energy Drink UCI

So today I had 8 hours in the library from 10:35am to 7:00pm I was in the Science Library at UC Irvine studying for my midterm exam tomorrow, which if all goes well, will prove to be my last midterm as an undergraduate student. When studying a lot you tend to get hungry/thirsty and so college students tend not to choose the healthiest snacks. Take for example today, granted my lunch was a Subway sandwich, my 3:00pm snack was a good old fashion Snickers Bar and an Energy drink. Sure there may be one or two things that could make a less healthy combo, but I found it hilarious that college students at a top-50 University in the country aren't smart enough (myself included) to pick something as unhealthy as this, and yet it tastes great. I have never been a huge fan of energy drinks but today it tasted fantastic, and there is nothing like a good snickers bar. All in all, if there was one thing I missed in the college experience it must have been the great study snacks.

Snickers at UCI