5 Applications I Would Like to See on the iPhone

So it will be a year in August that I have had my iPhone, and since purchasing it, I have wanted applications! When Apple announced the SDK a few months back it got my mind racing as to what apps I would want to buy or download to my iPhone. So here are five apps that I want to buy right now for my iPhone.

1) To-Do List:

I am big on having schedules, especially for my video game reviews. We have the notepad on our iPhone but I want updates, reminders, and check lists that will help me keep on top of my deadlines.

2) Movie Listings:

This should be free, but I can't tell you how many times I have looked on my iPhone for movie times. I want an app that will not make me search on Safari to find them, and having implemented youtube trailers would be fantastic.

3) Video Poker:

More then anything I want games on my iPhone, but I do know that video poker and video blackjack would be great. A whole casino package would be even better. Something to do while sitting in a boring lecture, or in some sort of less then ordinary place.

4) Instant Messaging Software:

I know AOL showed off AIM at the SDK conference for Apple, which i think is great. But bring over some of the hacked iPhone software so we can go on AIM, MSN, and GTalk with the same application!


We all know the iPhone has the capabilities of doing video, and in my opinion (I COULD BE 100% WRONG), but it seems like a software issue that is causing the iPhone not to do video. Especially for those who have 16gb iPhones, its time we got video support.

Some other various things include Simple photo editing, RSS clients, Firefox, and a whole lot more. All I can say is that I am 100% excited for what is to come from iPhone apps.