Couldn't Have Picked a Better Madden Cover Player for Madden NFL 09

I am not one that necessarily believes in curses, although sometimes I do find it hard to argue the opposite side of them. The Madden curse however may prove to be broken this year as Brett Farve could have his lowest amount of interceptions yet in a season. I still hold actually that Brett isn't done playing football, but we do know he will be gracing the cover of the 25th Anniversary of Madden in Madden NFL 09 for every platform known to man. I am a big anti-packer guy, but I have always had an amazing amount of respect for Brett Farve, and I think EA Sports along with Peter Moore hit the nail on the head getting the rights to put Farve on the front. With Farve on the front you can only think of one feature that is going to be added, and that is a new QB Personality, Gun Slinger.

Farve on Madden 09