Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Well I tried my best not to get sick, but that just didn't happen, and I knew it wasn't. I had a big Statistics exam on Monday morning at 9am, and I studied real late on Sunday night, and woke up miserable. I went and bombed the exam (no bueno), and got home, called in sick for work, and passed out on my bed and here I am today. I feel better, weak, a bit of a headache, but better. I think my cold was more exhaustion then anything, overworked, deprived of sleep, and stressed out to the max. Finals are in two weeks, my grades are bleh, I am 14 weeks away from Graduation, and its looking 50/50 if I am going to need to take a summer course to actually officially graduate. All I know is that I am back at school today, and I wish I was sleeping. I have some real big posts to post about, but I am just not feeling up to doing these posts justice, so I will put that off until I feel better.

So if I don't post, its not because I don't love all my readers (Jenn and Jake), but just because my cold needs to go away in a hurry. Way to much to do in the coming weeks, and very little time to do it.