2008 Bloggers NCAA TOURNEY Pick’em Contest: Hosted By David Lithman

So I have written about David Lithman before, he is one of the few blogs I read on a regular basis. Last year was really what I consider a high point for blogging, and we had a great turnout for the NCAA Tourney Pick'em for Bloggers last year. David is running the show this year and I encourage anyone who hasn't signed up who runs a blog to sign up! Its a lot of fun, and you will see how badly your bracket gets beat by my perfect picks! Here are the rules and for more info, head to David Lithman's Blog to check it out!


  • Only bloggers. It can be any type of blog. If you own a random fashion blog, thats fine… If you sign up and you don’t have a blog you will be booted.
  • Your bracket name must be either your domain, name, or blog title. It must distinguish you from the rest of the pack.
  • You must complete your bracket by Thursday March 20, before the first game.
  • Anyone who signs up must acknowledge the winner in a blog post. The blog post must have a link back to the winner’s blog. You can simply say ‘Congrats to David Lithman for winning the Bloggers NCAA Tournament Pick’em Contest’.
  • If you do not acknowledge the winner in your blog somewhere you will be ostracized from the community.
  • I am the commish and control the league. 


  • A free link back from every blogger who signs up in the tournament. This could be a lot of free links if we get everyone to signup.
  • 1 month of advertising on my blog in the 728×90 or 125×125 banner spot.
  • More Prizes to Come. If you would like to donate something, let me know!