Happy Valentines Day Jenn

So I haven't been as on top of my posting as I would like. My countless fans, well Jenn that is, has been telling me I need to post more on her. So here I am, happily posting on what is supposed to be the day of all days to share my love for Jenn. For those of you who don't know our story of Jenn and I, here it is in brief. We met her freshman year of high school my sophmore in a Biology class but it was very brief. I didn't talk to her again until her Junior year my Senior year. A good friend at the time Kristle who was friends of both Jenn and I, asked me if I wanted to play some tennis with her. She was planning on inviting some people for some mixed doubles and didn't know who to invite. I had my best friend Chris come along and I remembered Jenn a star tennis player at high school who I had a small crush on my Sophmore year to come along. So we did, the four of us went to a local country club where Chris belonged and played. From there I met Jenn another time for some doubles and got her number and the rest really transpired from there. We started dating on November 3, 2003, I graduated High School in June of 04, and went to CSUSB for two quarters. Jenn graduated high school in June 2005 and went with me to CSUSB in Fall of 05. Jenn and I then transfered to UCI where we both are now, me in Winter of 2007 and her in Fall of 2007.

Through the four and half years Jenn and I have been together we have gone through a lot. The changes of high school life, to college life. The changing of ourselves into adults. The constant desire to get the best out of life, and to follow our dreams while supporting the others. However through all of the big decisions, the plans, the relaxing sunday afternoons, I consider myself the luckiest man in the world. Many of you don't know this, and many of you I am sure do, but Jenn is like my guiding light. She has never steered me wrong in four and a half years and I don't expect that to ever change.

Happy Valentines Day my love. You truly make life worth living.

Valentines Day